The Same Dream
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Title The Same Dream
Japanese 同じ夢
Romanized Onaji yume
Volume Volume 1
Length 22 pages
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The Same Dream (Japanese: 同じ夢, Onaji yume) is the seventh chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Story Edit

Eumenes narrates his recurring dream to Perialla, where the lady fights with the unknown soldiers with bravery. She turns her gaze towards Eumenes, who could not make out her face. The soldiers kill her, while she still stares at Eumenes. Perialla remarks the dream to be boring, as Eumenes hides the latter half of it from her. Both leave for their home then.

Eumenes heads back home and finds a few soldiers in a foul mood. He tells them a Persian joke, to which his mother asks him to head inside. Inside, Hieronymus the Elder, praises Eumenes for his excellent grades at school and scolds the Younger for his low grades.

At night, Eumenes searches the Library to find answers about his dreams. He then goes to sleep, and again has the same dream. The dying lady lies in pain, covered in her own blood. Eumenes heads over to the source of the gaze, and sits there until the dream ends, and cries while asleep.