Historiē (Japanese: ヒストリエ) is a historical seinen-manga written by Iwaaki Hitoshi (岩明 均) and published by Kōdansha (講談社) in the magazine Monthly Afternoon (月間アフタヌーン, Gekkan Afutanūn).


  • Eumenes

Eumenes is the main character of the series. He is an intelligent young boy from Kardia who was originally Scythian, but adopted by Hieronymus as his son.

  • Aristoteles

Aristoteles or Aristotle is a famous philosopher.


Volume 1 Edit

Release date: October 2004
ISBN: ISBN 978-4063143584
Cover character(s):
Cover Historie 1
Chapters list:
1. The Globe
2. Hometown Kardia (1)
3. Hometown Kardia (2)
4. Hometown Kardia (3)
5. The Library Room (1)
6. The Library Room (2)
7. The Same Dream
8. The Scythian Way
9. Gymnastics Drill

Volume 1 of Historiē starts with Chapter 1: The Globe at a scene where Eumenes is first introduced, walking over the beach and finding a bronze snake. It was published in B6-size on October 22, 2004 and counts 210 pages.

The volume first tells the story of on the one hand the Persians, who interrogate king Hermias in Assos under the lead of Memnon, as well as hunt down Aristoteles and his student under the lead of Barsine. On the other hand, it also tells the side of Eumenes, who is on Troia's beach, trying to find his way back home to Kardia. There, he meets Aristoteles' lot, and they cross the Hellespont together, after which they however part ways again. Eumenes goes to Kardia by foot and finds upon arrival that it is under siege. He manages to get himself and a couple of others there, among whom Antigonos, in with a trick.

Eumenes guided Antigonos and his two companions to Hieronymus' house, but then they part ways as well, while Eumenes' reminisces about his childhood. The volume then continues telling the story of Eumenes' childhood in Kardia: his friendship with Tolmides and his classmates, as well as with Perialla, his family life and going to school. It also tells about his first encounters with the Scythian slave Thrax and the recurring nightmare that has been plaguing him.

Volume 2 Edit

Release date: October 2004
ISBN: ISBN 978-4063143591
Cover character(s):
Cover Historie 2
Chapters list:
10. Image of Victory
11. Footsteps
12. Thrax's Struggle (1)
13. Thrax's Struggle (2)
14. Thrax's Struggle (3)
15. Two Dead Bodies
16. Testimony
17. Another World
18. The Library Room (3)
19. The Pendant

Volume 3 Edit

Release date: 22 November 2005
ISBN: 978-4-06-314395-9
Cover character(s):
Cover Historie 3
Chapters list:
20.Chapter 20: A Buyer Appears

23.The Argo

24.In Paphlagonia (1)
25.In Paphlagonia (2)

26.In Paphlagonia (3)
27.In Paphlagonia (4)
28.In Paphlagonia (5)

29.In Paphlagonia (6)

Volume 4 Edit

Release date: 23 July 2007
ISBN: 978-4-06-314460-4
Cover character(s):
Cover Historie 4
Chapters list:
30.In Paphlagonia (7)

31.In Paphlagonia (8)
32.In Paphlagonia (9)
33.In Paphlagonia (10)

34.In Paphlagonia (11)
35.In Paphlagonia (12)

37.Island of Lesbos - Biological Institute (1)

38.Island of Lesbos - Biological Institute (2)

Volume 5 Edit

Release date: 23 February 2009
ISBN: 978-4-06-314549-6
Cover character(s):
Cover Historie 5
Chapters list:
39.Hometown Kardia (4)

40.Hometown Kardia (5)
41.Hometown Kardia (6)
42.Hometown Kardia (7)

45.King of Lush

46.Attalos's House
47.The General's Son

48.Prince (1)

Volume 6 Edit

Release date: 21 May 2010
ISBN: 978-4-06-310662-6
Cover character(s):
Cover Historie 6
Chapters list:
49.Prince (1)

50.Prince (2)
51.Horseback Riding Class (1)
52.Horseback Riding Class (2)

53.Horseback Riding Class (3)

56.Chapter 56:

57.Chapter 57:

Volume 7 Edit

Volume 8 Edit

Volume 9 Edit

Volume 10 Edit